Workshops & Training


  • Coach Training Programme for your Staff
  • Coach Training Programme for your Students
  • Full Colour Peer Coach Training Programme for your Students
  • Positive Education Training/Workshops for your staff
  • Positive Education Workshops/Curriculum for your Students
  • Positive Education Workshops for Parents

Businesses & Organisations

Various Wellbeing Workshops and Training:

  • Coach Training Programme
  • Positive Psychology & Increasing Psychological Capital
  • PERMAH: An overview to enhance wellbeing
  • P: The Importance of Building Positive Emotions
  • E: Finding Flow & Increasing Engagement
  • R: Building Positive Relationships
  • M: Finding Meaning & Purpose
  • A: Accomplishment – building positive habits and goals
  • H: Health, Sleep, Nutrition, Physical Activity
  • Strengths Focused Approach & Character Strengths
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Resilience & Mental Toughness
  • Building Confidence & Self-Efficacy
  • Optimism and Growth Mindset
  • Empowering Belief


Whether you are an individual, school, business or organisation, there are many ways Full Colour Coaching can help you. Take a look!

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