Wellbeing & Positive Psychology

Schools & Support Services

I am passionate about helping young people enhance their wellbeing. With the rise in young people experiencing mental health issues and the current complexities we are facing with Coronavirus, it is essential we do all we can to support the wellbeing of our young people and put more preventative measures in place, to equip students with the resources they need to overcome challenges and grow from adversity, reducing the pressure on mental health services.

It is also important we support the wellbeing of our staff. Too many staff are stressed, experiencing burn out and leaving the profession. We need staff that are experiencing good wellbeing to be at their best to get the best out of our students.

Positive Education

Positive Education programmes are based on the science of Positive Psychology, to enhance wellbeing and help individuals flourish and get the most out of life. By introducing Positive Education training for your staff and delivering Positive Education in the curriculum to students, whether that be a 6-week block, 12-week block or a full year of lessons, you will transform the mental and emotional wellbeing support provided to your staff and students.

The Full Colour Positive Education curriculum can be tailor-made to suit the needs of your students, staff and your school community, including parents. The curriculum builds on evidence-based research, along with various frameworks including the PERMAH framework created by Martin Seligman.

  1. Flourish - Help young people flourish so they can become the best version of themselves and reduce the mental health statistics.
  2. Understand - how to build resilience, mental toughness and grit to persevere towards your goals.
  3. Learn - about emotional intelligence (increase our self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills and empathy) and how to enhance our positive emotions through various strategies including Gratitude, Mindfulness and Acts of Kindness. Research identified E.I is a bigger predictor of academic achievement and life satisfaction than I.Q!
  4. Learn - about how having a positive lifestyle, keeping active, sleep and nutrition can help us achieve our goals and how the use of mindfulness is key!
  5. Create - inspiring goals for ourselves that motivate us. When we set goals and break down the steps to achieve them, research says we have a much higher chance of achieving our goals and potential. Having that sense of accomplishment can build our wellbeing and inspire us to achieve more.
  6. Optimism - and having a growth mindset can be learned! Learn how to change your mindset, build optimism and believe in yourself!
  7. Learn - about your character strengths, engagement and flow and how this can help support us towards our goals and increase our wellbeing.
  8. Overcome - limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 'I'm no good at maths', 'I'll never pass my exams', 'I'm useless, nobody wants to be my friend'. These are limiting beliefs that are holding us back and causing us to feel unhappy, anxious and scared. We can change these disempowering beliefs to empowering beliefs to create happy, confident and motivated young people!
  9. Uncover - our values, vision and beliefs and identify meaning and purpose in our lives by giving back. When our goals align with our values and have meaning, we have a higher chance of success.
  10. Relationships - are key to our wellbeing and success - other people matter! Enhance the positive relationships you have and connect with family and friends.

If you are interested in creating a Positive Education programme for your school community, contact Angie.

Businesses & Organisations

Building Psychological Capital within your workforce is more important now than ever. Using the science of Positive Psychology you can increase the wellbeing of your workforce to maintain productivity, creativity and keep your best employees from leaving. Absenteeism and presenteeism cost the UK economy £73 Billion a year. Prioritising the wellbeing of your workforce can be the best investment you make.

Through the PERMAH framework and evidence-based research, you can help your employees, increase positive emotions, build engagement and flow in their work, build positive relationships, find meaning and purpose in their work/career, motivate employees through goal setting, creating positive habits and recognising accomplishment and maintaining positive health and wellbeing. In addition, having a strengths-focussed approach is game-changing. Help your workforce identify their own character strength and spot these strengths in others, alongside other strength-focused activities can have a positive impact on the culture and working environment alongside improving wellbeing.

Angie can create a bespoke wellbeing package with online training/workshops and webinars, based on your organisations needs. During these difficult times with remote working and less social interaction, it is even more important to maintain the wellbeing of everyone within an organisation.
An example of a 6 month wellbeing package could include:

  • PERMAH Wellbeing Survey and Results for all staff
  • Character Strengths Survey and Results for all staff
  • 6 x Wellbeing Workshops (1 hour -> 3 hours)
    • Character Strengths and Strengths Focused Approach
    • PERMAH Overview and importance of increasing wellbeing
    • Positive Emotions and Engagement
    • Relationships and Meaning/Purpose
    • Accomplishment and Health
    • Building Resilience and Self-Efficacy
  • 6 x Wellbeing Webinars with Angie and other professionals (45 min-1 hour)
  • 1-1 Coaching Package with Senior Leaders/Managers
  • 1-1 Coaching Package with employees at all levels
  • 3 x Group Coaching sessions
  • Repeat PERMAH Wellbeing Survey and Results for all staff
  • Achievements and progress recognised through final webinar

If you are interested in building psychological capital amongst your workforce, contact Angie.