Youth Coaching

Primary School - Further Education

Coaching offers a safe space, time to reflect and talk openly, to develop your confidence and resilience so you can learn how to manage the worries of life’s many challenges at home, in school, with friends, or further education.

Where subject tutors build knowledge, with a coach you can learn to believe in yourself, remove limiting beliefs and become ambitious, find solutions to challenges and set aspirational goals to achieve your aspirations. Coaching can have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing and reduce the possibility of anxiety and depression. We need to change the statistics from one in eight young people aged 5-19 being diagnosed with a mental health disorder, to all young people flourishing and achieving their potential.

Benefits of Youth Coaching:

  1. Reduce worries and anxiety to build resilience to deal with life’s challenges.
  2. Overcome fear of failure, negative self-doubt and remove barriers to success.
  3. Increase motivation, optimism, confidence and ambition to achieve exam success.
  4. Decide next steps and career pathways from school to further education or work.
  5. Increase mental health and wellbeing, by building confidence and self-efficacy, to achieve potential.
  6. Improve relationships with family, friends and peers.

“Thank you so much for the sessions. I found them useful, energising and enjoyable. It’s a good sign when 45 minutes go past in a flash. Personally, I feel better after the sessions and it has certainly helped me map out what I need to be doing to get things back on track with the business.”

Managing Director, Aberdeen

Full Colour's signature coaching programme for young people is transformational!

There are many strategies, tools and exercises available which are tailored to support young people overcome whichever challenges they may face and help them towards achieving their goals and ambitions. They will also learn the skills to become resilient, more confident and believe in themselves to achieve their potential. Free coaching sessions are currently available for young people due to a crowdfunding project!

The Full Colour Coaching Programme includes:

  1. Flourish - Helping young people flourish is my ultimate aim, so they can become the best version of themselves and reduce the mental health statistics.
  2. Understand - how to build resilience, mental toughness and grit to persevere towards your goals.
  3. Learn - about emotional intelligence (increase our self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills and empathy) and how to enhance our positive emotions. Research identified E.I is a bigger predictor of academic achievement and life satisfaction than I.Q!
  4. Learn - about how having a positive lifestyle, keeping active, sleep and nutrition can help us achieve our goals and how the use of mindfulness is key!
  5. Create - inspiring goals for ourselves that motivate us. When we set goals and break down the steps to achieve them, research says we have a much higher chance of achieving our goals and potential.
  6. Optimism - and having a growth mindset can be learned! I'll help you how to change your mindset, build optimism and believe in yourself!
  7. Learn - about our character strengths and how these can help support us towards our goals and increase our wellbeing.
  8. Overcome - limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 'I'm no good at maths', 'I'll never pass my exams', 'I'm useless, nobody wants to be my friend'. These are limiting beliefs that are holding us back and causing us to feel unhappy, anxious and scared. we can change these disempowering beliefs to empowering beliefs to create happy, confident and motivated young people!
  9. Uncover - our values, vision and beliefs and identify meaning and purpose in our lives by giving back. when our goals align with our values and have meaning, we have a higher chance of success.
  10. Relationships - are key to our wellbeing and success - other people matter! Enhance the positive relationships you have and connect with family and friends.

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