Coaching in Education

Coaching in Education enhances the quality of conversations in school communities which is key for whole school improvement. Coaching is a powerful way for school leaders at all levels to build and improve teaching and learning capacity, develop leadership skills, support teacher retention and career progression, contribute to effective professional development, alongside increasing staff and pupil wellbeing. Ultimately coaching can improve student outcomes and contribute towards closing the attainment gap.

“The EIS welcomes the investment in establishing and promoting coaching initiatives in Scottish education. Coaching has the potential to contribute significantly to improving learning and teaching.”

Benefits of coaching in education…

  1. Help leaders at all levels have a good work/life balance and increase mental health and wellbeing and reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Reduce absenteeism due to stress, anxiety and burn out, helping staff successfully manage the challenges of school life increasing teacher retention.
  3. Improve learning and teaching, by setting aspirational goals to enhance student outcomes.
  4. Provide time and space to gain clarity and direction for whole school and faculty improvement plans.
  5. Increase leadership capacity and support career progression by improving colleagues’ confidence and abilities.
  6. Improve relationships with colleagues, pupils, parents and the wider community.

Full Colour Coaching has various coaching programmes available to help staff, students and parents. We also have coaching programmes available where staff, students and parents can learn key coaching skills to support coaching conversations in school and at home. Whether you want to train your staff in coaching or you are interested in Full Colour's Student Peer Coaching programme - training senior students to support and coach younger peers, get in touch with Angie and learn about the support available.

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