Wellbeing Coaching

1 in 5 of us will experience a mental health issue which prevents us from living the life we want. Through using the evidence-based PERMAH model for wellbeing, you can gain a better work-life balance, improve physical health, fitness and nutrition, develop confidence and self-esteem and reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep and reduce risk of burnout.

Coaching provides space to focus on goals and ambitions that are meaningful to you, identify unhelpful behaviour patterns that are keeping you stuck, then work on tools and strategies to develop the healthy habits you wish to achieve.

Poor mental health in the UK workforce cost employers £35 billion. Supporting the wellbeing of employees by providing opportunities to access coaching ensures employers are meeting their duty of care, but in return increasing productivity, reducing presenteeism, resulting in a loyal and happy workforce.

Benefits of wellbeing coaching…

  1. Achieve a better work/life balance, improve sleep and reduce risk of burn out.
  2. Increase motivation and feel supported to improve our wellbeing to enjoy life even more.
  3. Improve mental health and wellbeing and reduce stress and anxiety around life’s challenges.
  4. Build confidence and self-efficacy to achieve meaningful goals and ambitions.
  5. Improve relationships with family, friends and work colleagues.
  6. For employers, looking after the wellbeing of employees increases productivity and reduces presenteeism.

Full Colour Coaching has various coaching programmes available for individuals or employees within an organisation. We also have a number of wellbeing and positive psychology workshops which can work alongside the coaching programmes. You may wish to train staff in delivering wellbeing coaching within the organisation - get in touch with Angie to find out more about the coaching programmes available.

“Thank you so much for the sessions. I found them useful, energising and enjoyable. It’s a good sign when 45 minutes go past in a flash. Personally, I feel better after the sessions and it has certainly helped me map out what I need to be doing to get things back on track with the business.”

Managing Director, Aberdeen

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