Leadership Coaching

Coaching empowers individuals to identify personal and organisational targets they want to accomplish to support career aspirations and development of leadership skills and competencies. Using the coaching space, individuals can become more self-aware and successfully problem solve to discover areas, skills or competencies they want to develop and decide on the necessary steps to improve their leadership capacity. This in turn adds even greater value to their organisation, enhancing chances of promotion.

For organisations, leadership coaching for employees is a cost-effective approach to improve employee engagement and reduce absenteeism and presenteeism which costs the UK economy £73 billion. Coaching can help organisations make serious savings, by retaining valued members of staff and ensuring the organisation’s success.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching from ICF data:

  1. 80% of individuals reported increased confidence
  2. The majority reported a better work/life balance
  3. Over 70% said it had improved work performance, communication skills and improved relationships
  4. More than half said it improved business management and team effectiveness

Full Colour Coaching has various coaching programmes available for staff at all levels. We also have coaching programmes where leaders at all levels can learn key coaching skills to support coaching conversations throughout the organisation. If you would like coaching for yourself, other leaders in the organisation or you want to train your staff in coaching skills, get in touch with Angie and learn about the support available.

“Thank you so much for your coaching sessions, I have reached my goal as I feel a lot more confident and happy now, so it has definitely helped a lot!”

Wellbeing Client, London

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